Looking to Get Tattooed in Japan?

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Here are some simple steps to help make the process easier.

Step #1:

Think about design.

Do you like flowers? Tigers? Japanese symbols?

Do you want full colour or black and grey?

Stand alone piece or subject plus background?

What about size and placement?

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Step #2:

Choose an artist based on their style. Look through their work and decide who best suits your desired design.

Remember that artists may not be proficient in other styles.





Nippori, Tokyo.


Yokohama, Japan


Tokyo & Chiba

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Step #3:

Plan your travel.

We need an idea of when you’re able to visit Japan and how long you can stay.

Please keep in mind that large-scale tattoos can take many sessions.


Step #4:

Contact the us and set up a video consultation.

This is a mandatory part of the process so we can connect you with the artist, discuss appointment availability and review tattoo details.


Request a Consultation
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Pricing and Information?

Download our pricing PDF here

Be sure to check out our handy guide to Japan with articles and blog posts about tattoos, tourism and more!

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