Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Wakatomo operates his studio in busy, futuristic Shinjuku. He specializes in Japanese traditional, but is also happy to include his love of french bulldogs.

 Please see below for an artist interview and his portfolio. His instagram can also be found here.

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Wakatomo-full-sleeve-1-500x500 Wakatomo

Dragon and Peony Full Sleeve by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-medium-7-500x500 Wakatomo

Rooster by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-3-4-sleeve-1-500x500 Wakatomo

Dragon 3/4 sleeve by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-Half-sleeve-1-500x500 Wakatomo

Yokai Umbrella Half Sleeve by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-medium-2-500x500 Wakatomo

Snake and Peonies by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-small-9-500x500 Wakatomo

Snake and Maple Leaves by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-Half-Sleeve-2-500x500 Wakatomo

Kingyo Party Half Sleeve

Wakatomo-Front-1-500x500 Wakatomo

Fudo Myoo by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-small-6-500x500 Wakatomo

Namakubi and Snake by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-small-10-500x500 Wakatomo

Frenchie Oni by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-medium-3-500x500 Wakatomo

Kitsune Woman by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-small-7-500x500 Wakatomo

Frechie Yokai by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-small-2-500x1000 Wakatomo

Jiraya and Toad by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-small-3-500x500 Wakatomo

Peonies by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-3-4-sleeve-3-500x500 Wakatomo

Snake and Namakubi 3/4 Sleeve (right) by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-3-4-sleeve-2-500x500 Wakatomo

Snake and Namakubi 3/4 Sleeve (left) by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-half-sleeve-4-500x500 Wakatomo

Kingyo Half Sleeves by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-full-sleeves-2-500x500 Wakatomo

Masks Full Sleeves by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-1-500x500 Wakatomo

Buddhist Goddess Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-10-500x500 Wakatomo

Snake and Magician Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-13-500x500 Wakatomo

Oniwakamaru Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-4-500x500 Wakatomo

Warrior and Dragon Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-9-1000x1000 Wakatomo

Monk and Snake Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-2-1000x1000 Wakatomo

Danshichi Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-12-500x500 Wakatomo

Black and Grey Koi Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-7-500x500 Wakatomo

Fujin and Raijin Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-5-500x500 Wakatomo

Enma Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-6-1000x1000 Wakatomo

Hanya and Sakura Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-8-500x500 Wakatomo

Dragon and Sakura Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-14-500x500 Wakatomo

Chojun Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-11-500x500 Wakatomo

Koi and Sakura Back by Wakatomo

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