Yokohama, Japan.

Based in Yokohama, Horiken works from his private studio. He has a wealth of experience including working with State of Grace in California and with the Famous Horiyoshi III.


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image11-500x500 Horiken

Skull and Peony Leg by Horiken

DSC_0296-1-500x500 Horiken

Tiger Back by Horiken

DSC_0189-500x500 Horiken

Phoenix Back by Horiken

dragonthumb2 Horiken

Dragon Back by Horiken

image4-500x500 Horiken

Hanya Front Right by Horiken

P4290450-1-500x500 Horiken

Shishi and Peony Back by Horiken

Snake-and-Hanya-500x1000 Horiken

Hanya and Snake Sleeve by Horiken

IMG_0829-500x500 Horiken

Phoenix Half Sleeve by Horiken

image7-1000x1000 Horiken

Oni Waterfall Front by Horiken

image5-500x500 Horiken

Koi and Maple Leaves Leg by Horiken

IMG_0588-500x500 Horiken

Sakura Half Sleeves by Horiken

image13-500x500 Horiken

Hanya Muniwari Left by Horiken

DSC_0260-500x500 Horiken

Shishi Back by Horiken

image90-500x500 Horiken

Snake and Peony Leg by Horiken

image2-500x500 Horiken

Benten Back by Horiken

IMG_0952-500x500 Horiken

Koi and Maple Leaf Half Sleeve by Horiken

image3-500x500 Horiken

Dragon Half Sleeve by Horiken

image8-500x500 Horiken

Black and Grey Koi by Horiken

dragonthumb3 Horiken

Dragon and Kiku Backpiece by Horiken

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