Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Horimitsu is an almost 20 year veteran of the tattoo industry and long time member of the Horitoshi family.  He practices both machine and the traditional Japanese method of tattooing called Tebori in producing some of the most vibrant Japanese tattoos out there.

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mdraw1 Horimitsu
14730655_1113979902018909_6962813573672206336_n-500x500 Horimitsu

White and Grey Tiger by Horimitsu

14504773_1775224086070275_621609233770610688_n-500x500 Horimitsu

Blue and Black Dragon by Horimitsu

14449245_896860583790616_1492812825431638016_n-500x500 Horimitsu

Red Dragon Sleeves by Horimitsu

13651874_1080249572069303_1952323088_n-500x500 Horimitsu

Benten Back by Horimitsu

14448441_315666532145467_1708289870088110080_n-500x500 Horimitsu

Tiger by Horimitsu

DSC_1725-500x500 Horimitsu

Peony Sleeves by Horimitsu

DSC_4249-s-500x500 Horimitsu

Kintaro Back by Horimitsu

DSC_0072 Horimitsu

Peony Sleeve by Horimitsu

DSC0477-001-481x500 Horimitsu

Dragon Back by Horimitsu

Trevorside-s-500x500 Horimitsu

Skull and Peony Half Sleeve by Horimitsu

nakamata16-500x500 Horimitsu

Phoenix by Horimitsu

-Small-500x500 Horimitsu

Tiger Dragon by Horimitsu

Whitepink-peony-small-500x500 Horimitsu

White Pink Peony by Horimitsu

koipeonysidefront-small-500x500 Horimitsu

Koi and Peony Sleeve by Horimitsu

12424711_1061540480534424_1456403918_n-500x500 Horimitsu

Blue Rygyo by Horimitsu

DSC_0364 Horimitsu

Kirin by Horimitsu

DSC_0887-1000x1000 Horimitsu

Red Dragon Back Piece by Horimitsu

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