Nippori, Tokyo.

Based in Nippori Tokyo, Horinao is an established tattooer of 15 years. Formerly trained and apprenticed with the Horikazu tattoo family, he works from his own private studio. From which he produces an amazing array of beautiful and innovative art. His instagram is available here.

Black-Chest-Snake-500x500 Horinao

Black Snake by Horinao

10358267_244697992398446_921558777_n-copy-500x500 Horinao

Snake and Peony Fan

Wrist-bands-Horinao-960x500 Horinao

Wrist Masks by Horinao

5727-960x1000 Horinao

Fudo-Myou by Horinao

5721-copy-1-500x500 Horinao

Blue Shishi Leg by Horinao

6604-copy-1000x1000 Horinao

Sakura Muniwari by Horinao

5719-copy-1-500x500 Horinao

Black and Grey Dragon Leg by Horinao

927061_639707789451144_483983284_n-copy Horinao

Buddha and Elephant Back by Horinao

5720-copy-500x500 Horinao

Green Shishi by Horinao

5726-copy-500x500 Horinao

Black and Grey Dragon by Horinao

6605-1000x1000 Horinao

Koi Back Piece by Horinao

Skull-and-Snake-Backpiece- Horinao

Snake and Skull Back by Horinao

5728-copy-500x500 Horinao

Kintaro Sleeve by Horinao

-310-500x500 Horinao

Blue Shishi by Horinao

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