Chiba and Tokyo.

Horishige works from both his private studio in Chiba and Tokyo Hardcore Tattoo. Formally trained as the 7th Horitoku tattoo family apprentice, he works both in machine and tebori techniques.

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Kirin-and-Lightning-3-4-sleeve-2-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Green Kirin and Lightning 3/4 Sleeve by Horishige

Princess-and-Dragon-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Princess and Dragon by Horishige

Turtle-and-Snake-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Turtle and Snake by Horishige

Koi-backpiece-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Koi Back Piece by Horishige

Samurai-and-Arrows-back-piece-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Samurai and Arrows Back Piece by Horishige

Buhdda-and-Dragon-Sleeve-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Buddha and Dragon Sleeve by Horishige

Chojun-Backpiece-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Chojun Back Piece by Horishige

Kirin-and-Lightning-half-sleeve-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Kirin and Lightning 3/4 Sleeve by Horishige

Spider-and-Hanya-half-sleeve-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Spider and Hanya Half Sleeve by Horishige

Butterflies-and-Peonies-back-piece-by-Horishige-1000x1000 Horishige

Butterflies and Peonies Back Piece by Horishige

Dragon-Backpiece-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Dragon Back Piece by Horishige

Raijin-and-Dragon-Sleeve-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Raijin and Dragon Sleeve by Horishige

Fujin-and-Dragon-Sleeve-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Fujin and Dragon Sleeve by Horishige

Dragon-Leg-front-by-Horishige-500x500 Horishige

Dragon Leg by Horishige

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