The soft launch of the Irezumi Invasion Canada 2016 tour began not too long ago and requests for sessions have been fast in coming!

The tour begins this May first visiting Vancouver (May 4th-15th) and and then Toronto (May 19th-31st).  Both Horimitsu and Horinao will be in Vancouver and Toronto spanning both sets of dates .  And starting this April Horiren was added for the latter Toronto portion of the tour!  You can check out the websites and Instagram pages for the artists here:

Instagram: Horimitsu

reddragon650x650-e1453500516462 Irezumi Invasion Canada 2016

Tattoo by Horimitsu

Instagram: Horinao1

927061_639707789451144_483983284_n Irezumi Invasion Canada 2016

Tattoo by Horinao

Instagram: Horiren1st

backpiece_01 Irezumi Invasion Canada 2016

Tattoo by Horiren

This tour presents a rare opportunity to book a session with some of the most gifted Japanese tattoo artists working today.  Whether you’re continuing previous work, looking to have a small to medium size piece of art applied, or looking to start larger extensive piece there’s hopefully enough remaining session time to accommodate everyone.

For large tattoo pieces (e.g. sleeves, back) please keep in mind that with the restricted amount of time – not mention the necessary healing time between sessions – and large number of requests you will need to plan future sessions that involve travel to Japan or waiting for subsequent tours.  Of course, that’s what we love doing!  Please let us know of any plans to arrange a tattoo experience in Japan.

In Vancouver the artists will be guest spotting at Gastown Tattoo and Two Tides Tattoo.  In Toronto they’ll be spending time at both TCB Tattoo Parlour and The Okey Doke Tattoo Shop.  We’re very fortunate and excited to be associated with the incredible people and artists at these locations!

Visit the tour page to request a session for any of these dates and locations.

Eagle Irezumi Invasion Canada 2016

Poster design by Horimitsu

Along with the day in, day out tattooing that’ll be happening in May there be will also be an event in both cities!  May 12th, 6pm at The Beaumont in Vancouver you can come out, meet the artists, and share a drink or two at this evening launch event. Plus everyone will get to view artwork by Horimitsu and Horinao and attend a live Tebori demonstration!

We’re currently finalizing the details for Toronto.  But let’s just say you ought to leave the May 27th-29th weekend free and prepare for an incredible event in a one-of-a-kind venue…

Stay tuned for further event details as the date approaches!

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