After an incredible time tattooing in Vancouver, including the Irezumi Invasion Art Show, the Irezumi Invasion Tour spent a few days on Salt Spring Island (more about that in another post!) before pulling up stakes and travelling across the country to Toronto.  Canada’s largest city (and third largest in North America after New York and Los Angeles) plays host to the final stage of the Irezumi Invasion Tour.

LINE_P20160521_12352133-768x1024 Irezumi Invasion in Toronto

Horinao busy putting his craft on display.

In Toronto Horimitsu and Horinao were joined by Horiren.  She has been keeping a furious travelling pace!  After two weeks in New York Horiren flew all the way to Japan for a day of being interviewed before again getting on a plane to Toronto.  A one day globe spanning turnaround.  Although this kind of travel must be the norm for someone with studios in Saitama, Osaka, and Shanghai, it is nonetheless very impressive!


LINE_P20160521_12352140-576x1024 Irezumi Invasion in Toronto

Horiren picking up some work supplies.


Upon arrival drinks and food were had before prepping for the busy days of tattooing ahead.  Following the first day in studio Horimitsu, Horinao, and Horiren were treated to a night out at Parts and Labour (1566 Queen St. West) with the crew from The Okey Doke Tattoo Shop and TCB Tattoo Parlour.  There was a ton of people out!  It was a great time and hopefully there are a few more similar nights to be had.

LINE_P20160521_12352115 Irezumi Invasion in Toronto

Horimitsu putting on some finishing touches.

During their stay in Toronto the three artists will be busy with a radio appearance, Friday Night Live, and live demonstrations at the Royal Ontario Museum.  This would be busy enough but they’re also tattooing everyday! Although it is a lot of fun, it’s quite a bit of activity to pack into two weeks.  For those that are interested more information regarding these events will be posted as they develop.  Hopefully there is some time available between the non-stop day to day of the tour to see Canada’s largest city as it unfolds into summer.

LINE_P20160521_12352122 Irezumi Invasion in Toronto

Sketch for a tattoo by Horiren.

Throughout the Toronto portion of the Irezumi Invasion tour the three artists will be dividing their time between The Okey Doke Tattoo Shop (790 Dundas St. West) and TCB Tattoo Parlour (618 Queen St. West).  Feel free to pop in and see Horimitsu, Horinao, and Horiren putting their craft on display.  And you can always stop by to ask questions or just chat.  For those that are hopeful there is still some session time available – feel free to request a session.

LINE_P20160521_12352136 Irezumi Invasion in Toronto

The Okey Doke Tattoo Shop is one of the the shops at which the artists are working. The other is TCB Tattoo Parlour.

The final week and a half remaining in May is sure to be exciting!

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