After around eight and a half hours in the air – and then a few more hours at customs and immigration… – Horimitsu and Horinao officially touched down in Vancouver!

2016-05-08-13.00.54 Irezumi Invasion Tour - Week 1

Arriving in Vancouver.

The first day was spent adjusting to the time difference and enjoying some of the sights that Vancouver has to offer.  Spring and summer on the West Coast can make just about anything better – including an eight hour time zone change.

2016-05-08-13.04.53 Irezumi Invasion Tour - Week 1

Vancouver is home to breathtaking beaches, mountains, rivers, and gorgeous landscapes in general.

The rest of the week was meeting the awesome artists at Gastown Tattoo and Two Tides Tattoo plus the wonderful people being tattooed.  Some older relationships renewed, some new friendships made!

2016-05-08-13.06.06 Irezumi Invasion Tour - Week 12016-05-08-13.04.05 Irezumi Invasion Tour - Week 1 2016-05-08-13.03.56-300x300 Irezumi Invasion Tour - Week 1

Week two will include many more sessions, lots of art, and lots of ink.  Both Horimitsu and Horinao are sketching and drawing every day – staying ahead of the intense tour schedule they have this month.  It’s incredible to watch the skill with which they prepare.  Each has their own process, from start to finish, for producing a final piece of art and it’s a bit more of a glimpse into what makes them so talented.

2016-05-08-13.03.44 Irezumi Invasion Tour - Week 1 2016-05-08-13.05.21 Irezumi Invasion Tour - Week 1

There is also the Irezumi Invasion Art Show on Thursday!  It’s an opportunity to come out and meet Horimitsu and Horinao during an evening exhibition of their artwork.  The exhibition opens at 6pm at The Beaumont (316 West 5th Ave) and is sure to be a blast.


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