Wakatomo-full-sleeves-2-500x500 Tattoos

Masks Full Sleeves by Wakatomo

Dragon-Leg-front-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Dragon Leg by Horishige

5721-copy-1-500x500 Tattoos

Blue Shishi Leg by Horinao

Black-Chest-Snake-500x500 Tattoos

Black Snake by Horinao

IMG_0952-500x500 Tattoos

Koi and Maple Leaf Half Sleeve by Horiken

Dragon-Backpiece-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Dragon Back Piece by Horishige

12424711_1061540480534424_1456403918_n-500x500 Tattoos

Blue Rygyo by Horimitsu

IMG_0588-500x500 Tattoos

Sakura Half Sleeves by Horiken

Wakatomo-3-4-sleeve-3-500x500 Tattoos

Snake and Namakubi 3/4 Sleeve (right) by Wakatomo

dragonthumb2 Tattoos

Dragon Back by Horiken

-Small-500x500 Tattoos

Tiger Dragon by Horimitsu

5728-copy-500x500 Tattoos

Kintaro Sleeve by Horinao

Wakatomo-small-3-500x500 Tattoos

Peonies by Wakatomo

-310-500x500 Tattoos

Blue Shishi by Horinao

Skull-and-Snake-Backpiece- Tattoos

Snake and Skull Back by Horinao

Wakatomo-back-5-500x500 Tattoos

Enma Back by Wakatomo

image3-500x500 Tattoos

Dragon Half Sleeve by Horiken

Wakatomo-half-sleeve-4-500x500 Tattoos

Kingyo Half Sleeves by Wakatomo

P4290450-1-500x500 Tattoos

Shishi and Peony Back by Horiken

Koi-backpiece-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Koi Back Piece by Horishige

koipeonysidefront-small-500x500 Tattoos

Koi and Peony Sleeve by Horimitsu

Wakatomo-back-8-500x500 Tattoos

Dragon and Sakura Back by Wakatomo

image11-500x500 Tattoos

Skull and Peony Leg by Horiken

14449245_896860583790616_1492812825431638016_n-500x500 Tattoos

Red Dragon Sleeves by Horimitsu

Kirin-and-Lightning-3-4-sleeve-2-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Green Kirin and Lightning 3/4 Sleeve by Horishige

14730655_1113979902018909_6962813573672206336_n-500x500 Tattoos

White and Grey Tiger by Horimitsu

5719-copy-1-500x500 Tattoos

Black and Grey Dragon Leg by Horinao

13651874_1080249572069303_1952323088_n-500x500 Tattoos

Benten Back by Horimitsu

image5-500x500 Tattoos

Koi and Maple Leaves Leg by Horiken

Wakatomo-Half-sleeve-1-500x500 Tattoos

Yokai Umbrella Half Sleeve by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-Half-Sleeve-2-500x500 Tattoos

Kingyo Party Half Sleeve

Butterflies-and-Peonies-back-piece-by-Horishige-1000x1000 Tattoos

Butterflies and Peonies Back Piece by Horishige

Raijin-and-Dragon-Sleeve-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Raijin and Dragon Sleeve by Horishige

14448441_315666532145467_1708289870088110080_n-500x500 Tattoos

Tiger by Horimitsu

DSC_0260-500x500 Tattoos

Shishi Back by Horiken

5726-copy-500x500 Tattoos

Black and Grey Dragon by Horinao

Spider-and-Hanya-half-sleeve-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Spider and Hanya Half Sleeve by Horishige

IMG_0829-500x500 Tattoos

Phoenix Half Sleeve by Horiken

Wakatomo-small-9-500x500 Tattoos

Snake and Maple Leaves by Wakatomo

6605-1000x1000 Tattoos

Koi Back Piece by Horinao

DSC0477-001-481x500 Tattoos

Dragon Back by Horimitsu

Wakatomo-back-6-1000x1000 Tattoos

Hanya and Sakura Back by Wakatomo

14504773_1775224086070275_621609233770610688_n-500x500 Tattoos

Blue and Black Dragon by Horimitsu

Wakatomo-small-2-500x1000 Tattoos

Jiraya and Toad by Wakatomo

DSC_0072 Tattoos

Peony Sleeve by Horimitsu

DSC_1725-500x500 Tattoos

Peony Sleeves by Horimitsu

Trevorside-s-500x500 Tattoos

Skull and Peony Half Sleeve by Horimitsu

Wrist-bands-Horinao-960x500 Tattoos

Wrist Masks by Horinao

10358267_244697992398446_921558777_n-copy-500x500 Tattoos

Snake and Peony Fan

Fujin-and-Dragon-Sleeve-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Fujin and Dragon Sleeve by Horishige

image90-500x500 Tattoos

Snake and Peony Leg by Horiken

Wakatomo-small-10-500x500 Tattoos

Frenchie Oni by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-medium-7-500x500 Tattoos

Rooster by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-14-500x500 Tattoos

Chojun Back by Wakatomo

5720-copy-500x500 Tattoos

Green Shishi by Horinao

dragonthumb3 Tattoos

Dragon and Kiku Backpiece by Horiken

image8-500x500 Tattoos

Black and Grey Koi by Horiken

Wakatomo-back-13-500x500 Tattoos

Oniwakamaru Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-2-1000x1000 Tattoos

Danshichi Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-small-7-500x500 Tattoos

Frechie Yokai by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-7-500x500 Tattoos

Fujin and Raijin Back by Wakatomo

Princess-and-Dragon-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Princess and Dragon by Horishige

Turtle-and-Snake-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Turtle and Snake by Horishige

Snake-and-Hanya-500x1000 Tattoos

Hanya and Snake Sleeve by Horiken

Wakatomo-back-4-500x500 Tattoos

Warrior and Dragon Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-3-4-sleeve-1-500x500 Tattoos

Dragon 3/4 sleeve by Wakatomo

DSC_0364 Tattoos

Kirin by Horimitsu

Wakatomo-full-sleeve-1-500x500 Tattoos

Dragon and Peony Full Sleeve by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-12-500x500 Tattoos

Black and Grey Koi Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-3-4-sleeve-2-500x500 Tattoos

Snake and Namakubi 3/4 Sleeve (left) by Wakatomo

image2-500x500 Tattoos

Benten Back by Horiken

DSC_0887-1000x1000 Tattoos

Red Dragon Back Piece by Horimitsu

6604-copy-1000x1000 Tattoos

Sakura Muniwari by Horinao

Samurai-and-Arrows-back-piece-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Samurai and Arrows Back Piece by Horishige

Kirin-and-Lightning-half-sleeve-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Kirin and Lightning 3/4 Sleeve by Horishige

927061_639707789451144_483983284_n-copy Tattoos

Buddha and Elephant Back by Horinao

Wakatomo-back-11-500x500 Tattoos

Koi and Sakura Back by Wakatomo

Chojun-Backpiece-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Chojun Back Piece by Horishige

Whitepink-peony-small-500x500 Tattoos

White Pink Peony by Horimitsu

Wakatomo-medium-2-500x500 Tattoos

Snake and Peonies by Wakatomo

Buhdda-and-Dragon-Sleeve-by-Horishige-500x500 Tattoos

Buddha and Dragon Sleeve by Horishige

Wakatomo-medium-3-500x500 Tattoos

Kitsune Woman by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-9-1000x1000 Tattoos

Monk and Snake Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-small-6-500x500 Tattoos

Namakubi and Snake by Wakatomo

5727-960x1000 Tattoos

Fudo-Myou by Horinao

image4-500x500 Tattoos

Hanya Front Right by Horiken

DSC_4249-s-500x500 Tattoos

Kintaro Back by Horimitsu

DSC_0189-500x500 Tattoos

Phoenix Back by Horiken

nakamata16-500x500 Tattoos

Phoenix by Horimitsu

Wakatomo-back-10-500x500 Tattoos

Snake and Magician Back by Wakatomo

Wakatomo-back-1-500x500 Tattoos

Buddhist Goddess Back by Wakatomo

image13-500x500 Tattoos

Hanya Muniwari Left by Horiken

Wakatomo-Front-1-500x500 Tattoos

Fudo Myoo by Wakatomo

DSC_0296-1-500x500 Tattoos

Tiger Back by Horiken

image7-1000x1000 Tattoos

Oni Waterfall Front by Horiken

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